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Administrator (Pro account)

The Administrators for an Organization are the only people who can access the Manager. They can see and manage all Pro and Basic accounts in the Organization. In addition, the Administrators will be the only ones capable of creating accounts, changing the Organization’s default settings, or performing any financial transactions. The primary tasks of an Administrator are to:

  • Create new user accounts (if your institution uses manual account creation).
  • Set the default rules for the Organization.
  • Allocate phone-commenting minutes and export credits to users who need them.
  • Delete or remove users from the Organization.

Any current Administrator can make any other Pro user in the Organization an Administrator, as well.

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Instructor (Pro account)

All instructors hold Pro accounts, but not all of them are Administrators. Those who are not Administrators do not have access to the Manager.

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Student (Basic account)

Students do not have access to the Manager.